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Jetco - TTS-2000

Electronic torque measurement system

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TTS-2000 is a versatile compact portable torque measurement and measured data recording system from JETCO. Precise and repeatable torque measurements can be applied in combination with conventional ratchets, extensions, universal joints, sockets or even with release tools. The TTS-2000 recognises the torque sensor (plug and play) for which the measuring range and calibration parameters are stored on the sensor internal memory.

TTS-2000 - Torque meter and trancducers

  • 10,000 samples per second
  • Can be used for static or dynamic torque testing
  • Selectable filters for power tool testing
  • Memory up to 1000 measurements
  • Power - Mains, battery or rechargeable
  • Open serial commands enable two way control
  • Can save up to 10 calibration points to suitable transducer
  • Plug and play use with inline and bench mounted transducers
  • Inline measurements made simple - any driving tool can be used

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JETCO Advanced Torque Tools

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JETCO - TTS-2000