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Wing tips meet tool tips! Akaflieg Munich has confidence in tool solutions by STAHLWILLE.

Meet the STAHLWILLE Tool Experts – Episode 3

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Königsdorf in the Bavarian Tölzer Land. This quiet, homely community of only 3000 inhabitants is, on the one hand, the gateway to the Alps and, on the other, a wide-open doorway for STAHLWILLE into the local world of gliding.

The key individuals today are Anna Julia, Philipp, Felix and Christian. All of them are enthusiastic pilots, study at the TU Munich university and are members of the 40-strong Akaflieg Munich team. The student association, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in five years, designs, builds and modifies its own motorised aircraft and gliders.

One of them is the Mü31. The students move the high-performance glider with its remarkable 15-metre wingspan out of the small hangar by hand. Moments later, with a mix of dexterity and agility, the aircraft is attached to the tow rope of the "Schlacro", the towing plane, or tug, also built by the team. "Schlacro" is a combination of the German words for tug and aerobatics. The aircraft has a 300 horsepower engine and can fly at up to 521 km/h, but, today, it has to play the part of a tug and effortlessly launches the 240 kg Mü31 skywards.

In the cockpit Philipp is enthusiastic about the fascination of flying: "You can move in all three spatial dimensions, you have almost no obstacles." However, in order to create the feeling of boundless freedom at speeds of up to 285 km/h, you also need finely honed skills and a feeling for safety.

To achieve this, Akaflieg Munich relies on the aviation expertise of STAHLWILLE. "In aircraft construction and maintenance, good tools are of crucial importance to us because we are always concerned about safety, which means compromising on quality is not an option," explains Christian. "For us, tools must be usable above all in confined spaces, because there is usually not much room in an aircraft," Philipp adds. For this reason, some of their favourite tools are the STAHLWILLE fine-tooth ratchets, such as the 435QR N, which are predestined for use in confined working spaces.

But storage and mobility also play an important role for the Akaflieg team: “In the past, we always had to take a bulky tool trolley to all events but now we have an AOG kit from STAHLWILLE in a compact trolley, which means we can transport all the tools quickly and easily to where they are needed.”

The students are currently working on their "Reissmeister" (stall master) project. This glider, designed for the Unlimited competition class, is currently in the design phase and is expected to have optimum stall characteristics for advanced manoeuvres, like aileron (ballistic) rolls.

And STAHLWILLE will certainly be "on board" again.

Have a look over the shoulders of the young designers and pilots and experience tools from a new perspective – with STAHLWILLE Tool Experts from Akaflieg Munich.

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