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The interconnected dimension of handtools

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The interconnected dimension of handtools.

STAHLWILLE’s DAPTIQ is leading the way: DAPTIQ products can not only communicate with other DAPTIQ products, they also communicate with the controlling and monitoring systems in their specified work environment.


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Tightening fasteners with a torque wrench

The use of a torque wrench is advisable wherever a joint requires tightening to a specified torque. If the torque wrench is correctly set, it trips when that torque is reached and displays the correct torque value. This is an important basic prerequisite to achieve the correct target torque. But that alone is sometimes not enough: another crucial...

What types of spanners are there?

Basically, there are seven widely used types of wrenches: open-ended and double-ended spanners, sockets and nut spinners, ratchet ring spanners, monkey wrench - english model, monkey wrench - french model, pliers wrenches, box spanners

How does a ratchet actually work?

Every well-stocked toolbox contains at least one ratchet. There is a good reason for this: unlike a screwdriver, a ratchet can be used to tighten fasteners with ease, even in confined spaces.   Definition: what is a ratchet? In toolmaking, a ratchet or reversible ratchet is a tightening tool that applies torque in one direction only, so there...

The most common screw head drives

To make a secure bolted connection, it is not only the size of the tool (profile size) that matters – it's just as important to know the most common fastener profiles, their advantages and disadvantages. The following article presents the most important types of fastener heads: Slotted-head screw Cross-slotted screw head (Phillips recess,...

STAHLWILLE with unerring accuracy and that familiar click

Electromechanical torque screwdriver – Torsiotronic – for precise tightening with electronic logging Bolted joints with defined torques are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing processes as well as in service and maintenance. Stahlwille offers a practical alternative to large torque wrenches for tightening fasteners where only...

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