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The interconnected dimension of handtools

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The interconnected dimension of handtools.

STAHLWILLE’s DAPTIQ is leading the way: DAPTIQ products can not only communicate with other DAPTIQ products, they also communicate with the controlling and monitoring systems in their specified work environment.


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Electromechanical torque screwdriver – Torsiotronic – for precise tightening with electronic logging Bolted joints with defined torques are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing processes as well as in service and maintenance. Stahlwille offers a practical alternative to large torque wrenches for tightening fasteners where only...

Tool Box for Rotax engine maintenance and repair shops

For over 30 years, STAHLWILLE has been recognised as being a leading partner of the aerospace industry. During this time, we have gained a reputation as a capable partner and supplier who carefully examines the needs of its customers and responds accordingly. The latest result of our focus on customers' specific requirements is a toolbox for the...

The SmartCheck Family

Mobile, handy and yet as reliable and accurate as you would expect from STAHLWILLE: this is SmartCheck, the tester for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers. The popular, proven testing device for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers is so versatile and handy that it fits in any workshop and every service vehicle. Now STAHLWILLE has expanded...

New STAHLWILLE product catalogue

Our new STAHLWILLE product catalogue has been published today, providing an informative overview of our product range. With around 400 pages, the catalogue provides in depth information about our new products, such as our TORSIOTRONIC torque screwdriver and our mini fine-tooth ratchets, in addition to extensive details and useful illustrations...

TORSIOTRONIC wins German Design Award 2020

Our electromechanical TORSIOTRONIC torque screwdriver has been honoured with »Gold« in the German Design Award 2020. Due to its functionality and its ergonomic and innovative concept, it impressed the independent jury of experts. We are especially pleased to receive this honour because the German Design Awards are among the most prestigious design...

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STAHLWILLE is licensed to calibrate.

Very early on, STAHLWILLE recognised the importance of standardisation and calibration technology. In 1997, the enterprise was the first manufacturer of torque wrenches in Germany to be accredited by the German Calibration Service (DKD). This gave the company the licence to check torque with reference to the national standard and issue calibration...

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