Tool Control Solutions

What is a Tool Control System?

A tool control system will deliver improved efficiency in tool management leading to better productivity in assembly and maintenance techniques.

When properly implemented it will reduce the number of tools required to the minimum number of ‘tools for task’ resulting in lower acquisition cost, reduced re-procurement costs and a reduced risk of foreign object damage (FOD).

Benefits of the Stahlwille solution:

  • On-site tool profiling
  • Inclusion of legacy tooling and OEM product
  • In house design facility
  • Bespoke Swipe card/proximity card access system, utilise your existing cards
  • Project management
  • Tool etching
  • Specialist door to door delivery


Bespoke Tool Control Solutions:

A global need for tool management has developed as a result of ‘Lean Manufacturing’ initiatives and a specific requirement for safety, particularly protection, from foreign object damage (FOD) in aviation flight safety.

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Standard Tool Control Solutions:

Initially the tool control system was developed by STAHLWILLE in conjunction with British Aerospace MAD for the aerospace industry with a view to improving safety. This bespoke service has been developed into a standard range, a modular system which enables the customer to build their kit from a selection of standardised options. Click here for more information