China Wind Power: STAHLWILLE presents efficient tool solutions “Made in Germany”

STAHLWILLE, the German torque tool and handtools specialist, is exhibiting a broad range of tool solutions for service work on wind turbine installations at this year’s China Wind Power in Beijing (17 – 19.10.2017). As a preferred partner in the field, the company offers highly accurate, application orientated products, which adds up to extremely efficient, safe, fast maintenance and repair work.

STAHLWILLE tools are developed and manufactured in their entirety in Germany. The company is one of the Top100 innovators in the country and, with its STAHLWILLE International Trade (Beijing) Co. Ltd. subsidiary, also has its own branch office in China. All of these facts make this supplier of professional-grade tool solutions one of the most in-demand partners of the Chinese wind power industry.
The capabilities and accuracy of the company’s in-house developments can be experienced hands-on at the China Wind Power exhibition on STAHLWILLE’s stand. Besides its mechanical torque wrenches and mobile torque testers, the company will be presenting a new range of insulated tools and special impact sockets.


Torque wrenches for the wind power industry:
STAHLWILLE will be presenting not one, but two, mechanical torque wrenches for service work on wind turbine installations: MANOSKOP® 730N and MANOSKOP® 730 Quick. Both were developed by the company in close cooperation with leading manufacturers and operators of wind farm technology. This is one of the many reasons why MANOSKOP® 730N is one of the most popular and frequently used torque wrenches in wind turbine installation maintenance. It can be used to produce any manually tightened or loosened bolted joint in a torque range up to 1000 N·m. Time-consuming resetting to zero to avoid the memory effect is no longer required, thanks to the flexible rod switching mechanism.

In addition, if the service engineer notices during service work that the torque wrench is no longer within the tolerances, it is possible to adjust it on-site in a few seconds.
The target torque can be set quickly, easily and accurately with one hand using the Quick-Select quick-action adjuster and can be read off the twin scale (N·m and ft·lb). Tool adaptors are available for sizes 9 x 12 mm, 14 x 18 mm and 22 x 28 mm and, to switch from anticlockwise to clockwise tightening, the tool and socket are simply flipped over. And to top it off, STAHLWILLE’s QuickRelease system ensures the tool items attached are locked in place so tools cannot become detached and go missing.
These features are all present in the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick as well. In contrast to the MANOSKOP® 730N, however, this tool allows the torque to be set simply by sliding the scale. That slide is unlocked by means of an easily accessible locking lever in the handle. Setting the target torque is made that much easier by the magnifying glass integrated in the window. All together, these features mean that setting the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick really is quicker, but also safer.

Measuring equipment, tried-and-tested a thousand times over in practice:
A further highlight of the exhibition is the SmartCheck, a mobile torque tester that recently won STAHLWILLE the coveted iF Design Award. It incorporates the same metrology that a leading wind farm operator has installed in its service vehicles. The advantage is the unit can also be operated on batteries and mounted horizontally or vertically even in very tight spaces. This tool allows the service engineer to determine within a few seconds whether the torque wrench is still operating within the prescribed tolerances. Since no additional transducers are required, it is possible to use the intuitive tester as soon as it has been set up.

IMPACT sockets:
In wind farm service and repair jobs in particular, high torques are commonplace. STAHLWILLE meets these requirements with a full set of IMPACT tools. Besides hexagonal and double hex long and short sockets, extensions, articulated joints and universal joint are included in the portfolio of products to cover a range of tools from ½” to 2 ½”.

Sets of tools crucial for live connections:
There are, understandably, many live components in wind turbine installations. To ensure that workers in those environments can work safely and efficiently, STAHLWILLE has developed its own set of insulated tools. The set is rounded off with fine-tooth ratchets, numerous sockets, screwdrivers, pliers & cutters, single-ended open-jaw and ring spanners.

China already boasts more than 37 per cent of the world’s installed wind power capacity – and all the signs point to further expansion. As an established partner of Chinese industry, STAHLWILLE can provide its own contacts on-site and will monitor this process – with “Made in Germany” solutions that contribute to reducing downtimes, increasing safety and optimising the profitability of installations.

Anyone interested in experiencing STAHLWILLE at the China Wind Power in Beijing, will be able to visit the company on Stand E121-122.

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